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God’s teaching about finances is loud and clear that we should be faithful to our finances at all times. It is all about being faithful that an individual will be able to get more blessings from our heavenly father. Finances do not come our way in an easy manner but we should work to ensure that we are in a stable condition. Right from the beginning, our heavenly father directed that wherever is lazy in work should not eat. There are a lot of diverse messages in the bible concerning how we should manage our finances. Our finances are not meant for destruction. They are rather meant to help in the work of God and also to support those who are vulnerable. There are various sources where one can get his finance but the bottom line remains that every individual should be faithful with his finances regardless of how much one might have. At times you will find that who lack something to eat does not mean that they are lazy at work. However, they may be exposed to hunger due to various factors.

It is therefore necessary to have a look at some of the common risks that may expose our community to hunger. Firstly, once there is a drought that bites for a long time, many of the citizens will suffer since they do not have anything to harvest. Also, when awkward things happen like the invasion of locust swarms, they leave farms with nothing since they destruct every plant that comes their way. Some of the things that we are talking about there are risks that are hard to plan ahead because there is no prior knowledge that at a specific time there will be an invasion. It is for this reason that the bible teachings play a significant role by directing us on how we should manage our finances. Helping the poor is one major thing that we should put in our minds at all times. For those who are blessed with a lot of finances, there is a good point in sharing whatever you have with the less fortunate so that you can get yourselves blessings from the lord.

The scripture has many verses that teach about how we should live with our neighbors. In that context, the bible expounds that a neighbor is someone who is in need. Therefore, by helping an individual who is in need means that you have helped your neighbor as well. Other factors that may make someone become vulnerable to hunger include floods which are caused by heavy rains. This may happen for some seasons where unexpected heavy downpour destructs everything and also washes everything that comes it’s a way. Many people are victims of heavy rains whereby you will find that even their homes are washed away and they are left without somewhere shelter. This is the main reason that the bible teachings stress about ensuring that we become faithful with our finances so that we can accommodate such vulnerable persons.

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