It is not that the writing of linkbuilding texts did not hurt, rather it was a rather difficult work. Not physically, or in such a way that a person would be wrung out, it was a fact that creative cannot be a person every day. And by choosing when and where and how much he writes for what time, a man has seduced him either to write text behind the text, or to postpone, postpone, and postpone until infinity.
Writing PR Articles
Sure, they had some deadlines, and when a person hasn't written for more than a few weeks, of course the SEO agency threw it out, it wasn't. He was rather tired of inventing the lyrics, writing about the same and hoping that there would be no mistakes. That's probably why this could not be done as a job, but rather only a forgery. He didn't complain that it would be a bad or poorly paid job. But sometimes the writing was exhausted.